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Sobabili means togetherness or me and you. It is a Johannesburg based production company specialising in film, documentaries and photography. It was established in 2001 and it is 100% black owned. Sobabili Production tells and documents compelling, and authentic African stories.

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Father Christmas doesn’t come here (Short Film) AWARD WINNING

A naive young girl with low self esteem wants to be as beautiful as her mother but her dream is almost ruined by a cynical man who gives her a dose of reality which makes her resort to extremes to achieve her goal. With the help of her grandmother she finds true acceptance and her journey impacts on the cynical man.

Bafo & Bafokza (Feature)

A comedy about two misfit brothers who are chased away from their uncle’s house by the uncle and are forced to fend for themselves in the big, bad world of Soweto.

Ngibulale (Short film)

An HIV+ man on his death bed realises that his insurance company will not pay out his family after his death because of his status. He asks his close friends to kill him so that it will appear that he died from natural causes so his family will get the insurance money.

Park Station (Feature) (In Pre Production )

Two ordinary, township mothers find a wallet in the middle of a busy train station. A stranger offers them the money inside the wallet. Their greed overcomes them when they decide to keep the money instead of giving it back to the owner. They face the repercussions of their actions when it turns out that their one mistake will change their lives forever.


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